In Case of  Loss

  • Get everyone on the premises to a safe location and obtain medical personnel for anyone insured.
  • Call your agent to report the claim as soon as possible. You may call the main office with the loss information at 1-866-982-1997.
  • Contact police in cases where laws have been broken such as theft, burglary, vandalism, or suspected arson.
  • Make necessary repairs to protect your property from further damage if it is safe to do so.
  • In the event of a water claim, shut off the water source, and begin drying out the area by removing rugs, and using a shop vac to remove excess water.
  • In the event of a livestock loss, report the loss to your veterinarian so that the cause of loss can be verifed as a covered period under your insurance policy. Report the loss to your agent within 48 hours of occurrence.

What to expect during the claims settlement process:

  • Under most circumstances, a claims adjuster should contact you within two business days. An adjuster will assess the damage to your property, and determine where there is coverage under your policy. The adjuster will estimate the damage to your property and submit a detailed estimate and Proof of Loss to you.
  • A Proof of Loss Form must be signed and returned to our office at 22 West Main Street, Bowling Green, MO 63334. This document, with your original signature, must be received by the company prior to any claim payment.
  • Replacement cost settlement claims are generally settled in two payments. The first payment is for the actual cash value of the loss and the second payment is for the recoverable depreciation once the work has been completed or the item replaced. You will be asked to submit legible copies of receipts and/or proof of repair.
  • Claims payments will be made in accordance with the coverage you selected when you took out or last updated your policy. If you have coverage questions, make sure to ask your agent to review your protection program before you have suffered a loss.
  • Pike County Mutual makes effort to settle claims in an expeditious manner. Claim setttlement will generally be made within 30-45 days. Your prompt reply to calls and correspondence from Pike County Mutual, and its adjusters, will greatly speed the settlement of your claim.